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Our Mission

The Sand Dollar Foundation's mission is to provide FREE holistic, integrative and functional wellness treatments and education to cancer patients, trauma patients including veterans as well as patients transitioning into end of life care also known as hospice care.  

These compassionate and comforting treatments and therapies promote wellness on every level, mind, body and soul and are based on the needs of each patient. 

The Sand Dollar Foundation's long-term goal is to raise enough funds to build a health and wellness facility that supports patients with all of these therapies under one building.  If you would like more information on our long term goal, please email us here.


"I get by with a little help from my friends"

Who We Are

Board of Directors

The Sand Dollar Foundation Board of Directors and its advisors believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the foundation, they are compassionate, loving and desire to assist others with their personal health challenges.  Our members serve with an open heart, open mind and positive, caring attitude. To learn more about each member, click here 



The name Sand Dollar Foundation was gifted to our founder, Mellanie during a meditation one evening.  During this meditation, she had a vision of all of the loved ones close to her that passed away during the time that she was going through cancer.  In the vision, these souls were hand in hand making a circle around me.  The message from them was "Change the world, Mellanie."


When you open the inside of the Sand Dollar, you will see tiny doves or angels inside.  Those doves and angels are your loved ones, my loved ones, they are the souls that have passed that are now guiding the change for others.


They are all part of this story and part of this foundation.


The Sand Dollar represents:                                    





-Personal Power                      






-Ability to Navigate Uncertainty


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Where Did The Name Come From?

We are grateful for this mission and the ability to help others.  Thank you for visiting our page and for supporting us! You are the light. 

The Sand Dollar Foundation
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